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    • Emma is a high quality preserved rose arrangement
    • This unique design tastefully combines three mini roses in attractive colours with a selection of foliage
    • Everything is preserved with a natural plant based formula only, no chemicals used
    • Thanks to preservation, roses and foliage will look fresh for years
    • Arrangement sits in a white square porcelain dish
    • Available in champagne, hot pink, light pink and yellow
    • Set on a hard cardboard base and in protective plastic box, wrapped around with a stylish 3D printed ribbon
    • Handwork



    Rose: 3.5 - 4.5 cm diameter

    Box: W:12cm x L:12cm, H:16cm


    Product Imagery: Please note, that due to the natural character of our products, various elements including colour, shapes and sizes may vary slightly. If you are unsure, please do not hesitate and request a current photo of a specific arrangement. Email us at: info@xqsit.co.uk


    Care instructions: Keep out of direct sunlight, away from a heat/light source and from humid rooms. Clean with hairdryer with cold function or damp cloth. Avoid touching the rose petals as they do break easily.