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Our products offer a unique blend of natural beauty and remarkable longevity. In the right conditions they remain unchanged for 730 days and more with minimal maintenance. This unique feature is achieved through the preservation of fresh roses and plants harvested at the peak of their natural cycle. The process replaces liquids inside the roses with a mixture of 100% plant-based and biodegradable preservation formula and therewith creating a lasting still image. Thanks to this formula which is harmless to human health and meets the strictest industry requirements, we are able to preserve the natural appearance of our roses, plants and foliages.


Thanks to the preservation process flowers retain their natural colours and softness, which predetermines them for long-term floral decorations. The aim of the company is to provide our customers with the opportunity to enjoy benefits of a real natural garden inside their home, office or restaurant. Plants treated in this way have many economic and practical advantages over fresh flowers:
1. Several years of life while maintaining their fresh appearance - 2-5 years

2. Absolutely maintenance-free (no water and no light requirements)
3. Easy to store and transport
4. Minimum chance of insect or mildew attacks on the plants.

5. Risk free use for allergy sufferers.


If you wish to preserve natural appearance for many years, it's essential to follow these basic rules:
1. Products must not come into contact with water or any other liquids. Do not water them.
2. Do not store or place in a humid environment, e.g. houses suffering from damp or rooms with high humidity like bathrooms etc. High humidity may cause discolouration, colour leakage, staining etc.
3. Do not expose to direct sunlight, do not place them close to light bulbs and other high temperature/light radiation sources  (they cause colours to fade and roses to dry out).
4. Do not place on surfaces treated with lacquers or oils. Not applicable for arrangements and trees in ceramic pots.

5. Excessive touching and checking whether the flowers are real may cause mechanical damage (petals splitting from bloom etc.)


If you wish to preserve the “everlasting” beauty of preserved plants, place them in rooms with temperatures between 5-30 °C and humidity of around 60 %. Plants are maintenance-free, but if you need to clean off dust or other dirt, use damp (not wet) cloth and/or a hair-drier at the low temperature.

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